About Us

Rulergy is an Internet of Things solution that allows monitoring and control. It allows access to all your local equipment at once, in a single interface, and combine real time data with real time control.

With Rulergy you are able to connect to every single piece of equipment in your local systems, anywhere in the world, with bi-directional real-time feed.

From there it is possible to understand that Rulergy integrates features that make a difference:

  • Know the state of every installation, anywhere in the world, in real-time, just by swiping dashboards.
  • Search for abnormal situations in global devices, in a single search.
  • Define central orders for all your devices at once (Schedule lighting, air conditioned or door unlock for instance).
  • Define global monitoring and control rules for your local equipment at once, allowing for real time notifications and intelligent automatic decisions.

Rulergy can communicate with multiple equipment and protocols, providing great flexibility when integrating with new or existent physical installations.

For remote installations, with low internet connectivity, Rulergy can go as low as GPRS bandwidth and still operate any equipment at the same speed as if you were really there.

Rulergy major goal is to develop out-of-the-box solutions for different markets and needs, providing tools that allow fast return on investments.

We are in the Business of Solving Problems.

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