Generator Monitoring

Business Continuity, Compliance and Operations OptimizationVertical_Generators

  • Real-time information
  • Multi-equipment management
  • Remote operation management
  • Monitoring of energy quality (Power, Voltage, Current, Frequency, Loads, and others)
  • Monitoring of starting batteries status
  • Monitoring of oil temperature and pressure levels
  • Monitoring of fuel tank levels
  • Operations hours management
  • Automatic start-up tests
  • Alerts for maintenance optimization
  • Remote vandalism surveillance

Security and Access Control

  • CCTV system integration
  • Intrusion, Vibration & Crash detection
  • Smoke/Fire detection
  • Alarms and Triggers
  • Log & Reports
  • Wireless communication
  • Interconnection with Modbus protocol
  • Analog/Digital I/O

Energy Efficiency

  • Energy consumption monitoring
  • Energy Quality monitoring
  • Batteries management
  • Engine rotation (RPM) management
  • Operation hours management

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