Hotel & Resorts

Hotels & Resorts VerticalBusiness Continuity, Compliance and Operations Optimization

  • Real-time information
  • Cost center management
  • Multi-sites analysis and control
  • Remote equipment monitoring and control
  • Air and water quality monitoring
  • Freezers temperature monitoring and alerts
  • Alerts for maintenance optimization
  • Definition of notifications for abnormal events

Security and Access Control

  • Remote Door control
  • Intrusions Detection
  • Smoke/Fire Detection
  • Flood detection
  • Alarms and Triggers
  • Log & Reports
  • Wireless communication

Energy Efficiency

  • Reduce energy consumption and contracted power
  • Reduce reactive power
  • Batteries management
  • Renewable energy and energy generators management
  • Temperature and Humidity control
  • Lifts management
  • HVAC control

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